Environ Active Vitamin Facials

As we get older, few of us avoid developing a sun-induced vitamin A deficiency. This can lead to many of the signs of ageing skin, including sun damage and irregular pigment.

Fortunately, the Environ Vitamin A Facial is here to replenish your vitamin A, restoring and rejuvenating your skin. One of the most popular treatments I offer at the Natural Clinic, it has many devotees – with such great results, it’s easy to see why.

Environ LACM cool peels

At last a gentle, pain-free treatment to remove the outer layers of skin, with none of the side effects you can get from chemical peels.

During the cool peel, a mask of mild lactic acid cream is painted onto your face, followed by a vitamin A serum and low electric current to encourage it to take effect.

Great results with no pain or redness – you’ll see a reduction in fine lines and sun damage, while your skin will look and feel smoother.

Collagen stimulation therapy (CST or micro-needling)

Known to some as the ultimate rejuvenation treatment, CST is used to lift, tighten and even out skin anywhere on the body. A roller stimulates your skin into its natural healing mode, encouraging it to produce more collagen, filling out your skin, tightening it and producing a healthy glow.


Body care and waxing treatments

I also offer body care and waxing treatments, using warm
Aromatherapy Wax – please see the prices page for a full list.