Non-surgical facelifts

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. teeth whitening

Non-toxic, non-invasive

The Natural Clinic only offers non-invasive treatments – impressive, risk-free results to enhance your natural beauty.

Perfector non-surgical facelifts

Real results for real people – a relaxing, non-invasive treatment to repair and tighten the skin.

Smile Again teeth whitening

Our own patented teeth whitening treatment is not only peroxide-free but also highly effective. Let us make your teeth up to six to eight shades whiter and enjoy smiling again!

What my clients say...

I often experience a reaction to facials and other beauty treatments, so I was delighted to discover Vivien’s non-surgical facelifts. I did not experience any sensitivity or side effects, and the treatment really worked. My husband immediately noticed how much smoother and tighter my skin looked – now he’s booked in for a treatment too!

In addition to the Perfector facelift, Vivien also suggested a different cleanser – a simple change that made such a difference.

I would definitely recommend the Perfector non-surgical facelift at the Natural Clinic – Vivien is so knowledgeable and understanding and found the perfect solution for my sensitive skin.

AL, Surrey